Website Analytics Review:

Website Analytics Review:

Website analytics…a marketers’ boon and holder of a wealth of information.  But what makes them good?  A whole lotta things and we will cover a few of them in depth in the paragraphs to come.  In the past we did a general overview of why website analytics were so important to businesses that had a presence online and we would like to offer a review of a free website analytics tracker that is both fun to use and very informative:

General Overview:

Snazzy colors, easy sign up, multiple implentation choices (types of code you insert into your site code to start tracking), and a great looking and informative UI, make this website analytics choice very promising.  The presentation of information is logically sound and almost all ajax driven, which makes for a nice look and feel overall.  Information tracked is extensive and coupled with graphs, charts and maps, the information is easy to comprehend and use.

Other things of notice:

  • Multiple websites can be tracked with one free account
  • Many choices regarding how info is displayed and what info is displayed
  • Bulk Domain Analyzer (allows you to compare the Alexa page rank and Google page rank of multiple domains)
  • SEO and Ranking tools (very helpful in determining SEO stats for comparison)

Information gathering: collects information regularly from the sites you include in your account.  They are rarely real-time though so make sure to account for how old the info is when doing comparisons to other marketing info.  Information gathered is pretty standard info: visitor count, visitor time on website, visitor locations (city), visitor operating system, visitor internet connection speed, etc.  This info is pretty standard for analytics and there is quite a bit of it. uses tabs and menus to divide out the info which can be somewhat confusing.  Their information layout though is pretty easy to work with and that is what makes this anaytics option shine.

Website Performance:

So far‘s service has not really affected my site load time.  The only complaint I have is that while the page is loading (for the first time) it has a small advertising link that shows up at the top of the page.  It is there for all of about 1/2 a second or so, depending on the connection, but I did notice it.

The Interface:

As mentioned before, the interface offers alot as far as ease of use and eye-candy are concerned.  With bright bold colors and many ajax affects, it looks great and is fun to use.  One thing to consider, it does take a zippy connection to get the full benefit of the analytics info gives you.  This is mainly because of all of the ajax loads and the sheer amount of information loading at one time in the UI.  If you don’t have a fast internet connection, it can get downright annoying waiting for the’s UI to load up.

Ending Thoughts

Overall, I likey.  The information presented is useful and presented in a way that makes it less boring to interact with.  With many options for changes in how information is displayed, you can bet that you will find a configuration to make you happy.  The perks are numerous with the SEO tools that are easy to use and pretty quick in their analysis of submitted pages, tips for improving SEO for sites that are registered in the system and the wealth of information that analytics offer in the first place.  The only thing I didn’t like about was the load time of the backend UI with a less than optimal internet connection.  If you have a speedy connect and you want great analytics info at your fingertips, feel free to check out

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