How It Works

It's so simple, it's shocking.
How It Works

Why Make It Complicated?

We will handle ALL of your marketing, from strategy to execution, for a reasonableflat monthly fee. We weren’t kidding about simple.

Unique On Purpose:

Big Cloud Media’s model is unique in its One Price Guarantee.  Our retainer fee covers the costs of all correspondence and labor on our part, meaning that there will be no discussions about cost-per-email or how something can’t be done because it goes over the monthly labor budget.  The only case where additional budget  would be requested during the course of a contract is where direct costs relating to an identified marketing effort require an increase of the marketing budget (such as purchasing a store sign, purchasing additional ad placement by client request).  Even in this case, however, we do our best to help set expectations at the outset of the contract so that the need for such requests is limited.

Our Service in Action (example situation):

Our client requests that shirts be created and produced to hand out at an event they are sponsoring.  We handle getting the t-shirts priced, designed and, with approval of course, have them printed and delivered to our client in time for their event.

Likewise, if a business owner doesn’t know they should be doing to promote their business, we include our consulting services to identify the best marketing opportunities and formulate a strategy around them to then present to the owner.  From there the owner would approve a course of action, which we would then execute.

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