Updates: New Logo, New Look, New Approach

Updates: New Logo, New Look, New Approach

This is an exiting time for Big Cloud Media.  We just finished the revamp of our website and we also just finished the rebranding effort that was long overdue.  After consulting our clients on the values of a web-presence that matches the company, we have filled our own words and completed the task.

This redesign of the company has certainly been a learning experience for us and from it we will certainly provide more insightful consultation on these matters, having been through them first hand.

Watch for our logo to start appearing places.  We are developing new strategies and other offerings to compliment our newfound approach to web-design, based around the Return on Investment standpoint.  Sure we can build websites and web-applications custom to businesses, redesign websites and web-apps etc. but what is the purpose if the client does not know how they are doing now or what is happening on their website that needs changing to be successful.  This knowledge is key to effectively improving things online.  We start there and give a unique insight into what needs to be done to improve the Return on the Online Investment and how to do it effectively.

Our new logo is:

We are super exited folks about our new approach, new website and new logo and we thank you for your support.  🙂

God bless.

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