Twitter’s Profile Update: Make Your Profile Yours.

Twitter’s Profile Update: Make Your Profile Yours.

Update as of 9-19-2012:
See more Twitter profiles with unique header images and get yours added to the list here

What the new Twitter Profile looks like:

Twitter's new profile update

(Mobile website)

The skinny:

Twitter released a new version of it’s Profile page today which features a header area that you can upload a photo to.  The change was rolled out to Twitter’s iPhone, iPad, and Android apps as well as it’s mobile and regular website.  It would seem that with this change, Twitter’s goal is to bring more focus on a user’s profile which, in my opinion, is a bit overdue and a welcome change.

All that being said, the feature is here and ready for you to use!

What does this mean for you?

For starters, it is an additional branding opportunity for your business or organization.  Now you can take your profile to new heights and use the header image to feature new products, branding messages, updates, etc. to generate more buzz.

Your profile’s header image will now be the first thing your profile visitors see which makes it a great thing to be able to customize.

I am sure the profile header image will quickly go the way of the branded backgrounds and give Twitter users a new way to express themselves or promote their brand or products.

For those who are not branding or using Twitter for commercial purposes, it gives you a chance to further customize your Twitter profile and truly make it yours.  Have fun with it! 🙂

How do you change / enable your profile header image?

Here are a couple quick steps to get your profile header image uploaded and ready to go:

The quick way:

  1. Login to your Twitter Account
  2. Click here (opens your Twitter Account Settings -> Design page)
  3. Scroll down to the “Customize your own” section and look for the “Header” text.
  4. Click on the “Change header” button and choose your option from the drop-down.

The longer (but more detailed) way:

  1. Login to your Twitter Account 
  2. Click on the “Cog” icon to the right of the search bar
  3. Click “settings” in the drop down.
  4. Click on the “Design” link on the left menu
  5. Scroll down to the “Customize your own” section and look for the “Header” text.
  6. Click on the “Change header” button and choose your option from the drop-down.

*It says this beneath the button but just a reminder: The Minimum dimensions of the header image are 1252 px × 626px with a Maximum file size of 5MB

Next steps?

Go forth and make your Twitter profile awesome using the new header image feature.

Now that you know about the new Twitter profile changes it’s time to get yours updated and awesome looking.  If you have or find a particularly cool use of the new profile header image, leave it in the comments so we can all enjoy it with you.

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