The Fiber Network. By Google. Genius!

The Fiber Network. By Google. Genius!

As it turns out, Google has some geniuses working for them.  Oh, alright, you already knew that but really, a Google provided fiber network for consumer use?  Hot diggity!  Sign me up!  Pure Genius!

Supposedly the consumers selected for this test run (the lucky 50,000 for now spread across the US ) will have access to a 1Gbps fiber connection at a price competitive with other broadband providers.  That’s a Gigabit per second speed.  In layman’s terms, insanely fast internet or “…internet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today,” according to the BBC report.  Imagine having that kind of speed and power surfing the net or working online.  The possibilities are pretty amazing.  I’m drooling over it because I am a web guy and the more speed the better. 🙂

Although the service is quite limited (50,000 homes is not alot on the large scale) the service is crazy fast and competitively priced.  I say bring it on and serve it up to the rest of us asap.  Sadly they don’t listen to me much. 🙂

What do you think?  Is this yet another way Google will ultimately take over the world and rule us all or is it just another awesome thing that Google has come up with?

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