Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to Our New Website

Notice something a little different? Well I hope so cuz we recently finished the revamp of our old website. It is not the final version because we are always looking to improve our work, but it will do for now. Through this new website we can do much more with the functionality and that was a key segment in the redesign.

For those of you who just loved the old one, you can still find it if you go to www.bigcloudmedia.com/oldsite.

Stay tuned for our post discussing the importance of analytics on your website.  They are super important so don’t miss it. 🙂

One last thing…if you have any questions regarding websites, marketing, web-marketing or anything under the sun, leave us a comment with your question in it and we will get you an answer out as soon as possible.

Thank you and God bless.

Koji Flowers (Big Cloud Media)

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