SEO: Focus on relevant, quality content

SEO: Focus on relevant, quality content


It is a fact that SEO is becoming less about keywords and more about relevant content.

“The  Panda update [to the Google ranking algorithm] was designed to improve the user experience by catching and demoting low-quality sites that did not provide useful original content or otherwise add much value. At the same time, it provided better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.” ~ How Google Search Works

This shift in focus makes perfect sense since keywords are meaningless unless the content is there to support them.  The search engines, namely Google, have picked up on the content quality and relevance as an important search rank indicator and are doing something about it.

SEO the wrong way: Cheat the system.

I know it’s tempting but don’t engage in iffy SEO keyword and back link schemes. They game the system and can get you penalized. Google and the other search engines know about the games / schemes and actively look for ways to prevent them from skewing the search results.

Ask yourself:  Do you really want to risk your search rank on a company who wants you to pay them to cheat the system for you?

Doesn’t sound quite right does it?

SEO the right way: Give ’em what they want.

And what do the search engines want?

Relevant, quality content!

You can publish relevant content through your website, blog, news feed, article writing, guest blogging, etc.  If you create great content and then use the keywords to help identify it, your on the right track.  If you guest blog, or write articles, you can link back to your site and create quality back links for the search engines to pick up as well.

But don’t forget:

Oh yeah, with all this talk of search engines, don’t forget your visitor. Relevant quality content helps them too. They are the ones who will ultimately decide to come back for more, so make sure your optimized content is visitor friendly too.

The Takeaway:  Improve your SEO by creating quality, relevant content for the search engines and your visitors.


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