Why a Custom WordPress Theme is Right for You.

Why a Custom WordPress Theme is Right for You.

A common question I get regarding custom wordpress themes is:

“Why would I go with a custom WordPress theme when I can just get a $30.00 pre-made theme?”

I have to say this is an extremely legitimate question and one that everyone should ask themselves to make sure a custom wordpress theme is really what you need for your situation. Ultimately your situation will determine if you should get one or not. For some people, they don’t need one. For others, they should have gotten one yesterday.

A custom wordpress theme may be your answer. Contact us today.Keep reading to find out if you should consider a custom WordPress theme. ¬† ūüôā

3 Reasons to get a custom WordPress theme:

  1. A custom wordpress theme is designed and built to meet your specific needs:
    If you have an idea of special functionality or built in features that you just can’t seem to find on any of the pre-fabbed WordPress themes out there, consider going custom. ¬†Granted you may find a pre-fabbed theme that works but chances are the overhead of the theme (or all the features you don’t use) would most likely just get in the way and slow things down for you. ¬†A theme with 200 different feature options may not suite your needs well if you only need 2 or 3.Pre-fabbed themes are built for the masses so expect to have a plethora of options at your disposal, whether or not your need them.With a custom theme, you choose what features you want and how they work and you get what you choose: nothing more, nothing less and only what you need.
  2. A custom wordpress theme is unique to you. Let “YOU” shine through it.
    A custom WordPress theme allows you to make it yours in it’s entirety. ¬†Whatever you desire can be built into your theme including: your fonts, your color scheme, your page design, your ideas and your wants and needs.If you want a unique theme that no one else can lay claim to? Go custom.
  3. A custom wordpress theme reduces the need to have a bunch of plugins:
    Plugins are one of the coolest advantages to having a WordPress website…until you have too many. ¬†WordPress plugins are meant to be supplemental and can add all sorts of functionality but at the same time, they don’t always work well together or handle core updates well. ¬†If you are using a ton of plugins, consider a custom WordPress theme which would have the functionality of the most important plugins, built in to it.Overall, a custom theme leads to less overhead, less work, and less worry every time you update to the newest version of WordPress.

Ultimately, if you find yourself: wanting a more unique look, in need of functionality without the use of tons of plugins or just wanting a site that works with you instead of you working around it, consider a custom wordpress theme.

Some great news in case you did not know… We design and build custom wordpress themes! Look out now! Your solution may be right here and you didn’t even know it. That being said drop us a line and we’ll be happy to discuss your unique situation and how we can meet your theme needs.

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