Buffer + Social Media = Awesomeness

Buffer + Social Media = Awesomeness

If you use Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin to grow your social media presence, you should be using Buffer.  This awesome web app increases the chances follower interaction by scheduling your posts to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin for when they will most likely be looked at and interacted with.

How can you use Buffer?

Buffer is awesome.  Try it today.

Excellent question.  Imagine this scenario:  You have a product launch coming up and you need to get the word out to your followers.  You know they interact with you but you don’t know exactly when so it’s hard to gauge when the best time to post is.  So, what do you do?  Set Buffer loose and watch the awesomeness happen.

Using Buffer you can write the post(s) and let it schedule when to post them for max effect.  Fire and forget.  Easy, peasy. 🙂

Buffer analyzes when your following interact with you on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter and schedules your posts accordingly.  If you get the most interaction at 9am, 11am, 4pm and 7pm on Linkedin, buffer schedules your Linkedin posts for those times.  Add into the mix the ability to re-order the posts, tweak the post times, use a url shortener and track the interactions via Buffer’s analytics and BAM!  You have a great tool at your disposal for increasing your social media interactions.

Buffer and Me?

Currently, Buffer is one of my most used apps on my phone and on my computer.  I am always using it to post news articles or other tidbits to inform my followers of happenings or helpful info.  I find several articles I’d like to tweet but I don’t want to flood my stream with them all at once, enter Buffer to save the day.  I use Buffer to schedule my tweets and organize when I want what posted for max effect.  If I think Buffer could do better, I adjust and customize the pre-determined posting schedule accordingly.

In Summary:

To summarize, I love using Buffer and I have seen an increase in my interactions, etc. throughout my Buffer connected social media accounts.  Don’t get me wrong here, Buffer is not a magic solution to all of your social media issues you may be experiencing but it has helped me to grow and interact with my social media following more and more since I started using it.  My links get clicked more, etc. and I have seen a marked improvement in my social media reach.  If you are looking for a post scheduling solution for your Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook accounts, check out Buffer.

Have you used Buffer?  Leave a comment and tell us what your experience has been.

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