5 questions to help you distinguish yourself online

5 questions to help you distinguish yourself online

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“How do I get more business online?”

I see this question written on business forums and website forums all over the place this same question and I believe I have an answer:

Distinguish yourself.

If you have an idea for a better way for your customers to purchase your products online, build it and see what happens.  If no one in your industry has done it yet, you have a good chance to be the first and thus, you distinguish yourself.  If your competition is selling online products but their site does not adapt to the mobile screen, make yours mobile friendly and distinguish yourself.  If no one else in your industry blogs (or blogs well), start blogging and distinguish yourself.

In all of these situations, the underlying theme is to do something your competition is not doing or fill a need that your competition is not filling online.

That being said, ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. If you had no knowledge of your company, would you be compelled by your website to act?
  2. Can you see a memorable difference between your competition’s website and your website?
  3. What makes your company different?  Is your website highlighting this difference?
  4. Is your website available and easy to use, regardless of device?
  5. Is your website a convenient way for your website visitors to act on your products/services online?

These five questions are meant to help you get your mindset right so you can start distinguishing yourself online in a way that will produce results for you.

All of this being said, after you have explored these questions, ACT on the answers.  If you answered negatively to any of these questions, those areas would be a good place to start improving.  Keep in mind that knowing about a problem only does so much for you.  You must then act to solve the problem.

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