Programmer Needed

Programmer Needed

Are you a reliable and experienced WordPress/WooCommerce pro looking to take occasional part-time work to make some extra money? Big Cloud Media (BCM) is looking to bring on a part-time contract developer to help develop e-commerce sites for our customers. As a contractor, you will work remotely, setting your own work hours consistent with the established project deadlines. Projects typically run 10-40 hours and have a 1-2 week time for completion, depending on the project. Getting started, we expect one or two projects a month, totaling about 20-40 hours monthly. This could go up to as much as 80 hours in a month. You will work with a BCM project manager to obtain work assignments and have your work evaluated. You probably won’t be asked to work with clients, but we never say never… Pay will be by project consistent with your experience.

Individuals only, please. No agencies.

Our ideal candidate possesses the following skills:

  • Solid WooCommerce and WordPress skills. This means you also know your way around PHP, MySQL, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, and Foundation 5
  • Know how to work with Github.
  • Know how to migrate sites from a development environment to a production environment.
  • Able to debug and document issues.
  • Build and style sites based on mockups using supplied graphical elements. (No, you don’t need to be a designer)
  • Build custom functionality when needed.

To select the right person, we have a practical test and an interview. Because we don’t want to waste anybody’s time, you must successfully complete the practical test to be eligible for the interview.

The Practical Test

The Practical Test is in two parts. Part 1 can be completed using information provided here. Part 2 requires access to a private Git on GitHub. For that, we will need your GitHub ID so we can grant you access.

Part 1. Please complete the following 5 steps:

  1. Diagram a Change. A specialty product company wants a WordPress/WooCommerce site to promote its products. Many of its customers have central buyers who drop-ship things directly to multiple outlets. Diagram the logic and steps needed to expand WooCommerce’s single shipping address per account function to accommodate this. DO NOT develop or submit code; just 1 or more diagrams, as you feel are needed. You may use any tool you wish to make the diagram. Please submit your diagrams using jpg, png, or PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx) formats. If using graphic files, insert into the Word document you must create for other steps.
  2. Recommend Improvements. Study the site at and provide a prioritized set of recommendations for improving this potential client’s site. They have a budget and want to get the most bang for their buck, but still want something that is eye-catching and shows them as an industry player. Document your recommendations in a Microsoft Word file (.doc/.docx format)
  3. A Portfolio. In your Word document, provide a succinct portfolio showing work you have completed in the past 2 years. Focus on sites done in WordPress and WooCommerce. Please provide the following information for each site:
    • URL (if still active)
    • Site Name
    • Brief description of the purprose of the site
    • Your contribution to the site (you do not have to have been the sole or even lead developer, just tell us what you actually did
    • A point of contact who can verify your participation
  4. GitHub ID. Please provide your GitHub ID in the Word document so that we can send you a link to the private Git to complete Part 2.
  5. An Email. Attach your work to an email and send it to The subject line should read “[FirstName LastName]’s Part 1 Submission” where you subsititute your first and last name for [FirstName LastName]. In the body of the email, tell us a little something about yourself

Part 2. Within 24 hours of the receipt of your email, we will send you a return email with the link to the Git and detailed instructions for completing the test, which must be completed within 72 hours of the date/time stamp of the email. While the test will take you more than 15 minutes to complete, it should not take you all day to complete. At a summary level, you will have to do the following:

  • Download the code from the Git and set it up on your development server and create a branch to store your changes
  • Add data to your site using the MySQL data dump and migration tool provided
  • Using a mockup, complete the development of one part of the site
  • Commit your changes to the code in your branch of the GIT
  • Provide a link and login credentials so that we can look at your demo site
  • Complete a work report detailing the work you did and the time it took (template will be provided)
  • Send an email confirming you completed the task as a backup to the other inputs/uploads

The Interview. After you successfully complete the Practical Test, we will schedule an interview to learn a little bit more about each other and to see if we can work together.

Questions. If you have questions, please send them with your response to Part 1.